Franchise Loans Direct is a joint venture that combines 90 years of combined franchise underwriting and management experience of one of the most experienced management teams in franchise lending with the virtually unlimited funding capability of a Fortune 500 Property and Casualty Insurer with global reach.

We have the ability to underwrite, document and fund transactions in all 50 States and all US Territories around the world.

Our management team has a wealth of experience in credit and risk management including management and securitization. Franchise Loans Direct is one of the few, if not the only Franchise Finance platform that can offer a truly “global” program that will allow your franchise system to meet its expansion goals.

We offer key expertise in the areas of program development and Franchisor\Lender partnerships. We combine years of expertise using credit scoring programs that have been specifically customized for the Franchise industry with the unique risk management perspective of a global property & casualty insurer. This combination fosters a unique underwriting environment that focuses on developing an overall risk profile of the applicant’s ability to repay the loan, leveraging the characteristics of the chosen franchise system, and not just a credit bureau score.

We understand that franchise systems make money by opening new locations and we make money by making loans that helps your franchise system grow. Therefore we focus on approving every credit worthy franchisee that applies. Our goal is to structure every transaction so that the franchisee is set up for up for long term success and growth. The financial health, corporate culture and track record of the franchise system is just as important to us as the credit profile of the individual franchisee. We specifically look for franchisees that are happy with the franchise system they have chosen because, in our experience, happy franchisees rarely have a problem repaying their loans.

If you feel that your franchisees and your franchise system can benefit from a customized, franchise finance program and you can demonstrate how your individual franchise or your system can produce the cash flow to service senior debt and provide your franchisee with a return on their investment, then your franchisees and\or franchise system will experience a high level of success by partnering with Franchise Loans Direct.